Types of Street Photography

Street photography focuses on capturing day-to-day life in public places, especially in urban landscapes, to be precise. It is a form of random photography that produces realistic and magnificent images since people are usually caught unaware.

When it comes to taking shots, you need to plan before the session carefully; thus, ensuring street photography composition is in check is essential. You might make minor adjustments to improve your composition as you get more experienced. Below is a brief overview of some of the types of street photography that exist in the world.

Fine Art Street Photography

Eye-catching images are produced from street photography to give the viewer the illusion of a beautiful painting each time they look at the images. The pictures can tell a story through a combination of light and shadows incorporated in the street photography composition.

 This aspect makes the viewer feel the same way they would feel while looking at a masterpiece artwork. The main objective of this form of street photography is to create shots that people can appreciate since the images are hung on walls.

Fine art street photos have to be carefully planned since they have to evoke emotions in the photographer to help them get some form of inspiration to create something captivating to help the viewer’s feelings.

Portraiture Street Photography

This form of street photography is self-explanatory just by the sound of its name. It entails shooting portraits in random environments. The environment might be a park, street, in a home, restaurant, on a balcony, or a train.

Images are referred to as street portraits so long as the portrait is not taken in a studio or a restrained environment. Street photography focuses on capturing different people’s faces and what those faces have to offer,

Raw Street Photography

This form of street photography has no boundaries, or it captures everything. There are zero ethical boundaries, and elements like lighting and geometry are not so relevant. In raw street photography, random things are shot as they are, wherever they are.

Disabled people, homes in poor conditions, beggars, drug addicts, desperate people who are genuinely suffering, and even the dead are shot but not in the logic of photojournalism. Photographers don’t shoot these images for historical purposes but mainly as eye-openers.

This form of street photography represents the natural world as it is without sugarcoating anything. The photographer who shoots these images must be able to withstand the sight of miserable people who have nothing to look forward to in their lives.

Geometric Street Photography

Geometric street photography mainly focuses on lines, geometric shapes, sharp shadows formed by structures, stairs, parallels, and anything architectural. Geometric street photographers look for buildings with impressive modern structures and lighting, then give the image a human element by waiting for a random person to pass by the scene.


Defining street photography can be a difficult task since it isn’t restricted to one style. There are many forms of street photography, all well-defined and different. However, all these forms of street photography find beauty in the street.

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