A Beginner’s Guide To Maternity Photoshoot

Once upon a time, women were shy about showing their bodies in public. But with the emergence of maternity photoshoots, all of that has changed. Society has now become more open to women embracing their glow and beauty and in fact more and more women these days are capturing the best moments of their lives. If you too are a going-to-be mom and want to cherish your pregnancy days, then consider doing a maternity photoshoot soon!

Doing this will not just be a nice change for you as compared to the daily mundane routine but also help you look back at your best moments. But how will you do it? And what things do you need to keep in mind? Keep reading this post to find out!

How do you want to tackle the shoot?

There are several ideas you can use to tackle the shoot. However, keep in mind that this won’t is a lot different from the usual family portrait shoots. Similar poses will also be applicable when you are sitting, reclining, or standing. You just need to be comfortable and get the settings right.

Black and white pictures are quite popular when it comes to maternity shoots. They also make photos timeless and classy. And just like other portraits, photographers also get the chance to choose between outdoor and indoor pictures. You also get the chance to do the shoot outside if you want.

Wardrobe & Makeup

Do not the styling and wardrobe choices when you are speaking to the client. Speak to the client and bring about 3-4 dresses needed for photography. However, ensure that you discuss these things with them. What kind of pictures do you need? Do you want to show your belly or take more formal pictures? You have to figure these basic things out before going forward. You can also shoot maternity pictures in any outfit you like and make it look good, as far as you are feeling confident about it from within. Your garments should always be a neutral color and avoid having too many patterns on them. You can also wear a top and a long skirt leaving your midriff bear. There are several gowns you can also pick and choose from to get the best photoshoot. If you are looking to do a Maternity Photoshoot Delhi, you can consult some of the best photographers and studios in town who can suggest you tips on how to go about it!

Have An Honest Conversation

Not having clear directions in mind can ruin your maternity photoshoot Delhi or anywhere else. You have to be really patient and have an honest conversation with your photographer so that they are super clear on what you are looking for. Communicating correctly won’t just help you coordinate well with the client but also give you all the right shots that you want for your maternity photoshoot.

Consider Adding New Props

Props can definitely enhance or ruin your portrait session. So, whenever you are in doubt, learn to say no. For some people flower crowns or tiaras are interesting. For some, want to take photos holding a pair of baby shoes. Generally, it is the wardrobe that matters the most in a shoot. Props could also lead to tacky pictures so make sure you know what you really want. Your prop choices can also be discussed with a photographer who has great experience in maternity photoshoot Noida. They can also provide extensive guidance on the same.

Get Some Natural Light

You can also consider shooting outdoors in the midst of outdoor and natural light. You will get an organic and natural feeling with them. However, that doesn’t mean that doing a shoot in a studio is useless. It just won’t give the same look that you can expect to see in candid shots indoors. If you want outdoor photos, we suggest you come up with a list of places you want to shoot at, but also the best time that suits you the most. Make sure you have this set-in mind before you proceed.

How Secure & Comfortable Do You Feel?

Another thing you need to keep in mind is whether you are really comfortable with the shoot or not. Maternity sessions also take a long time, especially if they need a lot of changes. If your shoot is on schedule, then you will have to include travel from and to locations and get the light setups done as well. So, make sure that you are mentally prepared and fully ready to take this up.

What are the best poses you can consider for your maternity photoshoot?

Shoot With Your Spouse

Just because your belly is the most important part of the capture, that doesn’t mean you can’t include your husband in the frame. You can have your husband kneel or stand a bit close to the belly with his hands on each side. You can also hold hands with him to enjoy the closeness. If you want, you can have your husband look straight into the camera or down at your belly. You can also let him be free and pose as per his choice. Let him feel like he’s a part of a maternity photoshoot too!


If you are very shy in front of the camera, you can consider taking silhouette pictures that will ease up the environment. Here you also dont have to worry about getting the best facial expressions. You can also take pictures while your mother is sitting or standing. If you want the bump to stand out, you can turn on one of the ideas as well. Involving the dad and mom here is also a great idea here. You can create a very relaxing and intimate scene using silhouettes. So make sure to try it out as well.


If you love pets and have some at home, you can also consider hanging out with some pets. They look perfect in almost all situations. Animals usually feel very curious when they are around someone’s belly and they could also add that element of fun when they are shooting. So, if you want to add, go ahead and showcase that without fail.

Holding Balloons

If you want your photographs to look good and enhance your appearance, then make sure to add a whole range of colors by adding some balloons to them. You can go to a forest or your garden and have someone set it up for you. Having such props will also offer you variations of the photoshoot poses too. Feel free to connect with experts of Maternity Photoshoot Gurgoan to get more ideas on the same.

Take Inspiration From Other Platforms

You can also consider taking inspiration from others. We suggest you look up Pinterest and YouTube to get a string of inspiration and fresh ideas. Many young moms have turned into bloggers and their expertise is something that you will definitely be able to make use of. So, make sure to spend some time doing your research. Or better connect with experts in maternity photoshoot Gurgaon.


A sonogram is literally like the first time the parent is meeting the child, so it makes perfect sense to show off your baby using an album. Just make sure you choose the right background so that the focus can be on the sonogram. Cleaning or gardening is the best way to go about it too.


If you are a stylish mommy and want to use glitter, go ahead and do so. You could also cover the belly to show that you are feeling very blessed with the baby. Not only will it accentuate the mood but also make you feel confident. However, you will need to speak to your photographer who knows how to handle maternity photoshoot Gurgaon so that they can give you the best tips and suggestions.

Add Older Kids If You Have Them

If you have elder kids, do include them in the shoot. Older kiddos look awesome on camera. They add that element of fun for sure and also give you exciting poses you can try immediately. You can also use this time to create a nice family portrait. That will look nice as well. Bring in your entire family and that would be memories of a lifetime.


Certainly, pregnancy is all about starting a fresh new chapter of your life, but it also has to be displayed in the right manner. That’s why we recommend that you get in touch with the best photographers for maternity photoshoot Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi so that they will not only give you the best suggestions but also mould and shape you in the best way possible. You can also consider checking out Little Star Photography. We have been in the business for several years, have mentored and ensured the smiles of 100-plus moms and is going to be strong even to this date. So, if you want the best, you know who to come to!

You can also consider checking out Little Star Photography. We have been in the business for several years, and have mentored and ensured the smiles of 100-plus moms! Being a professional photography studio, we have experience in maternity, newborn, and birthday photography sessions & our philosophy is to use high-quality products and digital services to help you enhance these magical moments. Little Star is presently located in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida and can be contacted at 085959 74834.

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